Thank you for your interest in sponsoring From Here to Eternity! My blog consists of stories of our life and adventures, the cutest baby girl in the WORLD, and hair talk. I am so flattered that you're here and I am committed to promoting your blog/business to the best of my abilities.

Advertise: I am offering three different ad spot options.
  • The first is the traditional ad on my side bar. I am only offering 10 large spots to maximize advertiser results. Ads will be shuffled upon page load. 
  • The second option is to have a small ad on my sidebar. There will only be 3 spots available to maximize advertiser results. Ads will be shuffled upon page load. 
  • The third option is to have your ad at the bottom of one of my weekly posts. I am only offering 4 spots which means your add will end up in a post 1-2 times a week. I will contact you to send me your 600x100 banner with link and add it to my posts. This also includes your large ad on my sidebar (4 out of the 10 spots available). 
Please note, I will not post monthly features in a post, but I will periodically promote my blog through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to attract more viewers.
Collaborate: If you're interested in collaborating on a product review, feature and/or giveaway, please email me for details! Please note, while I'd love to work with you and accept every inquiry that comes my way, I only accept offers that fit my lifestyle and family, that I can stand behind and something I know my readers will love! I look forward to hearing from you!

Please email me with any questions//concerns! I can't wait to work with you! xo


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