Tuesday, October 15, 2013

you know how weekends are supposed to be fun?

Kind of a bad picture of the St George Temple
You know how you have plans to go visit the in laws and have your husband slave away the whole time on his jeep, and then you find out you have to reschedule and now you have the whole weekend to do whatever you want? Even though we were sad we weren't going to visit with family, we were excited to finally have some down time! It was bound to be a good weekend.
You know how you have dinner plans with friends Friday night and you're so excited about it (okay, I was excited, Eric was indifferent because you know, he's a man) because you haven't been to dinner with friends on a weekend in months? And then dinner turns out to be really sick-to-the-nast and things start looking down for the weekend, instead of up. (Sorry Laura, it was gross and Eric was sick ha ha!)
You  know how rare it is to have babysitters for the whole Saturday and you and the hubs excitedly make a list of things you want to do, that you can't normally do with a baby... and you end up spending 6 hours at a car dealership instead? Yeah, totally not our idea of a good day date either. Keep an eye out on Instagram and I'll be sharing my new "mom" car as soon as it's delivered!
You know how you've spent all day at a dealership and the last thing you want to do is go to the tire shop next, but you have to go because there is a bubble forming on the side wall of your tire? And then you find out that the tire is coming apart and they have no idea how you've been driving on it all week without it exploding? Yeah, our Saturday has really gone down hill! My stomach still twists in knots thinking about how many times I drove on the freeway over 80 MPH (it's the new speed limit, holllllllah!) with my precious baby in the back seat... if that tire had blown? Yikes! But then they find one lone used tire that happens to be in perfect shape and only charged us $25 for tire and labor.... and I realize that our guardian angels have been working full time to keep my family safe and money in the bank. We are forever grateful!! Saturday isn't turning out as bad as it looked.
You know how you had babysitters for the whole day so you were planning on going to the Temple (because we haven't been since before Mia was born... TOO long!) but it's now 7:30PM and you still have to drive 45 minutes to get home and put the babe to bed? Well, we went to the Temple anyway! We had a glimpse of what true sacrifice is to some and my heart is so thankful we made it to the Temple. My spirit feels rejuvenated! We met a group of amazing people that truly changed my life that night. I am thankful for the example of a very handicap man and a wise temple worker who was not afraid to point out our blessings and teach us the importance of love and sacrifice! My heart is so full. Our Saturday turned out much better than I could have hoped!
You know how you were supposed to visit family but plans changed (giving us a weekend to do whatever we want, and we spent it doing almost everything we didn't want?) and then SURPRISE! Eric's parents ended up coming into town on Sunday and we got to visit for a few hours!
Despite things NOT going as planned, the weekend turned out to be better than we could have hoped! And I didn't even take pictures (except for this picture of the Temple and it's not even good) to prove how "awesome" it was! I'll stick that excuse under my list of weekend fails :)


Jamie @ You Gotta Have Hart said...

I'm so glad you two got to make it to Temple but more so that your tire didn't explode!! Our Angels do take special care of us, don't they!


Darcy said...

Spending all day at a car dealership is not my idea of fun either! (Although I'm pretty sure my boyfriend would be all for it!) I'm glad you guys found a way to enjoy your weekend anyways. That temple is truly beautiful!


Karla said...

I just love how positive you always are! Honestly, that weekend sounds awful... but I'm glad that your tire got changed (and for pretty cheap!). The temple is gorgeous!

Emily Gilbert said...

I hate dealing with the car. LOL, but you know a $25 new-ish tire, and a brand new car are both exciting things! I am just so glad your tire didn't blow out on the interstate. God is so good isn't He? Here's to hoping that next weekend is more planned fun ;)

Dee Stephens said...

car issues blow for sure. Can't wait to see your new Mom car! woot!

Brittany said...

You have a beautiful way of putting things in perspective and feeling grateful. I can't believe you changed a tire for $25 and I'm so relieved that the tire didn't explode!

The good news? It's almost definitely up from here for next weekend! :)

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

Excited to see the new "mom" vehicle as you call it.. lol and as for having a sitter all day Saturday?! LUCKY! Everytime we get a sitter we usually end up coming early because we miss our baby girl. Funny how things change isn't it?!

Katie said...

Scary that your tire could have exploded while driving!! I actually was thinking of that while driving behind a truck the other day. Thinking how would I dodge his exploded tire?! No clue why I was thinking that haha

Can't wait to see the new vehicle!!
Glad your weekend turned out to be ok after all the let downs.

Sarah said...

So thankful nothing happened while driving. Spending the day at the car dealership is the worst!!! Mine doesn't even offer tea or coffee anymore!

eliz said...

Sometimes unexpected things happen...I had weekend plans too but then I got a cold...which is the worse when you have a baby because I wasn't really allowed to be around her :-(

Jessie said...

It doesn't sound much like a fail to me! So sorry though. I don't like feeling like I'm not in control either.

Amy Harris said...

the temple always makes things better :) matt and i went last week for the first time since brooks. and i ended up passing out!! haha it was so weird and random.

dlpower said...

Beautiful. I get teary eyed every time I realize just how watched over and protected we are. Especially our little ones. Also I love the temple...you really do feel rejuvenated and closer as a married couple.

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

you know how it's not saturday and one of your best friends lives too far away to simply walk over to her house for a bit of reassurance, as only she could give..

welcome to saturday.

glad you're safe and sound, thankful for a safe tire. thankful for the new car. now lets just convince me that i need one, k?

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

SO glad nothing bad happened with that tire!

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