Tuesday, August 4, 2015


A shot of our all American babe on the 4th of July!

Gimme all the cuddles with my babies!

"Baby brudder's in ma belly! Feel it, mom!" That's the first thing Mia said to me when I walked in her room to get her out of bed this morning. She's been trying to figure out how to get her belly to grow like mine and was SO PROUD of her taggie stuffed in her shirt If that's not the cutest way to start out a Saturday morning, I don't know what is!

A 30 week photo because I'm cheesy like that :)

 When daddy and Mia go on a date and come home with a new shirt for our perfect princess (because she spilled 2 drops of chocolate milk on the shirt she wore out, so spoiled) and an outfit for baby brother... Then they humor me with a picture (he tried to give me a genuine smile) to document their sweet date... I just love them!

I love my people! And... I totally need a selfie stick ;)

It was a stay in our jammies-paint pictures (the first color she chose was "bwack!!")-give each other pedicures (but chose sparkly pink for her toes)-read books-cuddle and watch a show-eat good food kind of lazy day. Obviously we weren't mad about it :)

I can't believe July has come and gone and we are already a few days into August... time is flying! I don't want to wish this sweet time away of Mia being our only child, but I wouldn't hate it if August flew by just as quickly. I'm ready for summer to come to an end (although that doesn't happen until the end of October in Arizona from what I hear, ha!) and meet baby boy! Until then, we'll be soaking up all the time we have left with our Mia girl... and you know I'll be documenting on Instagram ;) If you'd like to follow along you can find us @courtbrink!


P!nky said...

Love looking at your Insta-life. Y'all are so happy and full of life and it makes me smile :)! <3 you!

Jenn said...

Your people are pretty fantastic! Especially all of the snuggles from your adorable little girl!!

Caroline @ Windy City Chic said...

Love all of your photos!!! Mia's perfect princess t-shirt is adorable too. You look amazing too!!! Hope that you are having a great week so far too!! :-)

Emily said...

You'll be adding a fourth smiling face to these precious pictures soon! How exciting!

And yes...selfie stick! Get one. It's a game changer.

Brittany said...

Such a perfect family. Your blog always brings such a big smile to my face. :)

BLovedBoston said...

Her smiling face on my insta feed always makes me happy! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

Sarah said...

Love these insta-lifes. I follow you on IG, but I'm bad about getting on, oops! And I can only assume that AZ is like Southern California is that usually a week before Halloween we get one last heat wave (so we're usually sweating and in shorts at the pumpkin patch) and then cold his come Halloween. :)

courtney jones said...

Mia has got to be the most adorable person ever, she is so switched on and so in love with her baby brother it is so sweet to watch!

Mandie said...

I love your cheesy 30 week pic, I think you look adorable! :)

Elizabeth Birenbaum said...

Mia's face in that one picture holding her painting! She looks like 13 years old with that cute hair tucked behind her ear. Eeekkk! She's so cute! Love the one of you cuddling with your babyS!

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