Friday, July 6, 2012

baby HELP! {seriously}

I'd like to think I'm going to be an amazing mom! I pray that it will come naturally to me.... and that my baby always feels loved and well taken care of. But the truth is, the only baby I've had to feed, clean and take care of daily is:

My 26 year old husband. Yup.

So! I'm asking for as much advice as you all will share with me! Eric and I (did I say Eric and I? Because really, I just meant Eric) like to research, research, research before we make big purchases. And we have a whole lotta big AND little purchases coming up.... and we don't really know where to begin.
So momma's, PLEASE share with me your favorite and least favorite purchases you made for your precious little one. What MUST we have, and what can we live without? What are your favorite brands for bottles, pumps, car seats, strollers, cribs, baby shampoo, high chairs, anything and EVERYTHING! Diaper bags... is Petunia Pickle Bottom the only way to go? What's your favorite material for blankets (not that I'll be making any... I can't sew. But that doesn't mean I can't drop hints for what I'm hoping my loved ones will make for my baby, right? HA!) Seriously though.... I really want to know your opinion on everything! Eric and I are getting ready to start making purchases so that we aren't paying out the $$ just before the baby comes. It seems less painful to spread it out, right? :) I'll tell you ahead of time that we appreciate all your thoughts and advice... thank you!!


Cortney said...

You seriously just made me laugh! You'll be a great momma!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

There is so much stuff out there, it can definitely be overwhelming! I learned with my second that I needed about a forth of the things I had hah. We loved the snap n' go stroller (as opposed to the big travel system) because it was just so easy to pop in and out of the car. That was definitely one of the best pieces of advice I got!

Dee Stephens said...

I'm always asking for advice too. Come check out my gender reveal today!

Leah @ Everyday Love said...

I'll send you an email with our registry information. I had a friend come with me and lots of others look at it and tell me what I needed and didn't. But, there are so many different opinions out there. I will say I ordered a Petunia Picklebottom backpack bag and returned it right away, it was way too narrow and the velcro got stuck to my shirt because it was on the outside.

Laurie @ Stylin Savanna said...

I got my sister a thirty one bag organizing tote to use as a diaper bag with my new nieces name shewn on it and she LOVED it, the great thing is you can pick and choose patterns. It's been awhile since I've shopped for baby stuff. 9 YEARS actually, but I can tell you NOT to get those wipe warmer things, I never used it because it dried the wipes out and wasted $, also the diaper disposals.. just didn't work well for us. I hated thinking of dirty diapers sitting there, I took them out to the trash every single time I changed a diaper LOL Something I could NOT live without was my BOPPY (like a pillow type thing) I used it from the time nick was born ( for bottle feeding) right up until he was able to walk because it held him up, they have such a huge selection of cute covers and things these days! I'm SO SO excited for you girlie! XD

Crystal Renee said...

Ahh! Those pictures cracked me up! Bahaha.

I have a 5 month old, about to be 6 months. So, here's my picks, but everyone is different, every kid is different. I had to try like 700 nipples on bottle before Mirah took to one, argh!

Bottles: Tomee Tipee
Pumps: Medela {love them}
Car Seats: I like Britax
Strollers: I am a fan of many. Can't narrow
Baby shampoo: Johnson's Natural {it's the green one}.
Diaper Bags: I had ours made and embroidered. It depends on you.
I like the felt blankets, soft.
Nuk pacifiers if he/she takes to them. Get a boppy pillow for sure, those are AMAZING! You will do fantastic.

Alana Christine said...

Bobby pillow
Bumbo chair
Dr. Browns Bottles (especially if the baby is a spitty baby)
SMALL stroller that you snap the car seat into. Big strollers are such a hassle.
AngelCare baby monitor. You put it under their mattress and an alarm sounds if they stop breathing. It's a lifesaver!

Caitlin said...

As soon as I got pregnant, one of my immediate thoughts was, "I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing!" I thought I was preparing myself, but yeah...not so much :) I will definitely be checking this list out myself! Thanks for this post!

Andrea said...

NEED a baby swing,playpen (if you go on alot of overnight trips), bumbo chair, small bouncer seat to have on the counter while you work(thats where my baby is the quietest longest), luna lullaby muslin swaddles, one posh baby bum cream, have fun shopping! And I'm sure you'll make an amazing mom! xo

m+b said...

My baby isn't even here yet, but you should register for Aden & Anais swaddle blankets. They are super soft & huge. I'll comment later & let you know how I like our other purchases. Oh & I went with the petunia picklebottom diaper bag because you can wear it as a backpack. I hate when bags fall off my shoulder & I figure it will make my life easier. Also, try finding a baby consignment store. We found one out here & got some awesome stuff for ridiculously cheap (unless you're uncomfortable with used things).

Samantha said...

I always said I was going to write a book about things you don't need when having a baby...and one of them, was a wipe warmer. They dry the wipes out (and those things cost money) and are completely pointless really. Plus, if you use warm wipes on your baby's're just setting them up to be a weenie later on life. Shock 'em with the cold!

I know every baby is different, but I really suggest a swing. Bree was getting to be about a month old, and she got to wear she was screaming all of the time and I realized she no longer wanted to be laying on her bag in her bassinet. She wanted to be up and seeing stuff. I didn't know what to do, because I sure couldn't hold her all of the time. My sweet Daddy took his bonus money that he got from work and bought her a swing. It saved my life. Bree lived in the swing until she was just too big for it. She had her bottle in the swing, and took her naps in it. It literally was one of the best purchases ever made! But I've heard that not every baby is a fan, but I think it's worth a try...because if you don't, you could be missing out on something fantastic :)

= said...

although i'm not a momma YET!! i can't help you with what to buy BUT i can tell you, you'll be an amazing mommma!!!

The Hopewell House said...

Sorry I have nothing to offer at this point. I'm more here to comment how hilarious the photos are. That is all :)

♥tori. said...

If you are planning on breastfeeding, I HIGHLY suggest the "my breast friends"'s like the boppy but better, because it straps on to you! and it helps prop the baby up. I have it and it's so awesome!

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

cribs. buy one.
diapers. buy some.
clothes. buy some.
binkis. buy 16.

that's all i got.

Kira said...

Medela pumps are the best, don't bother with anything else! The nippy (or something similar) is pretty much necessary. My favorite swaddling blankets are aiden + anais, but my daughter hated being swaddled from the start. We use them in the car seat and now for naps though. For bed time she slept in a fleece zip up sleep sack until she was 6mo. Since she refused to be swaddled. It worked amazingly well, but I can't remember the brand name. We got it at Babies R Us. For bottles, we just used the plastic Medela ones that go with the pump, but now that she is bigger I use Born Free glass bottles. The only problem with those is that they are heavy so she has a hard time feeding herself. My favorite sleepers are Hanna Andersson. The most useless purchase we made was a Bumbo seat. She used it a few times, but always tried to escape by arching her back. It seemed like she could really hurt herself so we didn't use it anymore. Also, don't go crazy with buying toys. Pearl barely plays with any of her toys. She prefers to play with just about anything in the house besides her toys.

Sean Marie said...

I think a lot of new mama's fret over what they need and don't need. Luckily for me I have two sisters with kids and they helped me a lot with making decsions. I would say keep it simple. I don't really have any favorites per se. I like our stoller which was a gift from my hubs boss. It's a Graco brand jogging stroller. Sorry, I don't think I've been very helpful in this comment!

Jenna said...

I just can't see the point in spending so much on those Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags. Maybe they're worth it, but I will be spending the big money more for the baby swing, playpen for our main level (bedrooms are upstairs), etc.

:) We're in this together!

I'm enjoying reading the comments - it's helping me just as much as you!

Chrissy + Nate said...

Hahaha- those pictures are hilarious! I'm not a mom to human babies (only to two fur babies... er, dogs, ha!) but I wish you luck!

Tatiana said...

Oh girl! Want an honest opinion? You're gonna want to pull your hair out! And then, one day you'll just get the hang of it and be a total expert in your own child. It happens to every single one of us mommas.
As far as products, Giada gets real sensitive in the diaper area, so Bert's Bees is the only way to go for us. It did miracles for her bum.
The boppy pillow will help you out a lot the first few months.
The 'Born Free' bottles are bph free and they help lessen their spit ups. We really liked ours. They are more pricy but you really don't need more than two.
A good monitor. I have the Angel Care one that alarms in case they stop breathing, however I wouldn't recommend it bc it is super loud and it will alarm at all hours of the night simply bc the baby is too close to the side of the crib and it can't pick up it's movement so it thinks she stopped breathing. We turned off the alarm part. After a few crazy nights.
Just a few things for ya. You'll get tons of advice from people, but you just got to figure out what works best for you. You'll get it :-)

Shannon said...

Things that worked well for us:

-Medela Pump (worth the money)
-Angelcare monitor (has a motion sensor if they stop breathing, great for peace of mind)
-Halo swaddlesacks (my kid always broke out of the blankets)
-Pak n Play(we keep ours in the living room so we don't have to always take him upstairs)
-Dr. Browns bottle warmer (warms up bottles quick and easy)
-Boppy pillow
-exer-saucer, my kid LOVES his
-You can never have enough bibs or burp cloths
**Hated my Moby wrap, it was a pain in the ass. Preferred the Baby Bjorn
**If you have a boy don't waste money on PeePee TeePees just cover him quick with a wipe or diaper
**Also don't stock up on too many clothes in bigger sizes if you have seasons that change. My kid is growing really quickly so the stuff I bought in the bigger sizes to wear this fall/winter he will outgrow before it gets cold.

Melanie said...

Oh girlfriend... SERIOSULY if you can take care of that cute & a lil bit crazy dude (LOVE Eric) on the big horseee, mama.. you totally got this! Lol) With all kidding aside, I KNOW you two are going to be the BEST parents. Really, you can read all the books, get friends & families advice, which is all great...but in the end it comes down to just doing it. We all don't know it all, but you have that special spark of love I see in you Courtney. That special kind of LOVE you can't buy or learn. It just comes naturally to you both. Read the good books, educate yourselves on the important stuff, but my best advice mama.... SLEEP now girl! Lol) You guys are going to be tired, but never so wonderful. Gosh, I'm so rambling now...! I really hope that made just a little sense! LOVE you mama.

One thing that was a huge lifesaver for Greg & I was a little bouncer. We're talkn the good ole fashion kind you attach in the doorway! They are A-mazing! Baby will loves it, mama can get a couple things done, & baby gets tired out ASAP! Lol) Plus I found THIS cute one. Just imagine a cute lil baby inside. Swoon!

LWLH said...

First of all, that looks freaking awesome and I would totally do that.

Secondly, I'm not a mama but my sister had the Angel Care monitor and she said it was such a relief to have.

Unknown said...

haha. you are going to be a great momma! trust me!

we didn't buy too many thing most were given to us, or second hand so not the greatest.

but i do suggest getting a stoller carseat combo thing. we didn't get one and i wish i had!! we didn't buy a highchair we got a seat that attaches to our kitchen table or any table so it was portable and we could easily take it to grandmas with us, i loved it!!

i didn't buy an expensive diaper bag, glad i didn't cause it had spills, spit up and all sorts of mess in the bag. i looked for a big purse with lots of pocket, i think i got mine at ross.

good luck!!

Unknown said...

I couldn't live without my Boppy pillow! It's amazing even if you don't breastfeed! Pretty much make sure you have a TON of receiving blankets cuz you'll need them to swaddle your baby with and they get dirty really quick ;) Our baby loves her swing and we have this chair that vibrates, sings, or plays white noise and she LIVES in it ;) She sleeps in that rather than her crib at the moment hahahaha

Travel system is always good - carseat, stroller, base. Ours is Disney cuz it was a gift but Graco or Circo is good too.

Definitely diapers but I'd wait cuz you don't know how big your baby will be so I wouldn't buy the newborn yet cuz those are only for babies 8 lbs and under ;) But when you do, Huggies is the way to go. Or Pampers, don't bargain for those unless you absolutely have to!

Oh and a diaper genie for sure! We love ours and we can't smell ANYTHING which is heavenly in our little apartment ;)

You're gonna be great parents!

rachel said...

oh my!!!

first of all, honey, you are going to be an AMAZING momma. you've got so much love to give and such a sweet heart....everything else, you'll figure out. i promise. and i know you didn;t ask for parenting advice, but i'm going to give you just a smidge of (hopefully) not annoying advice...the most important thing i wish i knew was to just trust your instincts. you think you can' overthink everything, you're emotionally jacked up....regardless, TRUST YOURSELF. write it on your wall. tattoo it on your face. tell eric if there is one thing he needs to support you on, that is it. i am so serious. looking back, i went crying to the doctor about everything because i was so scared and unsure of what i was doing. i'm not saying don't call the doctor, but i'm saying if he/she gives you advice that you don't feel is right for you, question it. don't take it as the word of God like i did. if i had listened more to myself, there are many things i would have done differently, and in hindsight, i know we all would have been happier...BUT it all worked out regardless...i'm just saying, you were born to do this. trust that.

now, about "stuff"...i'd say you need lots of those little footed jammies but get the ones with the zippers, nto the snaps!!! the snaps are a pain in the butt. especially for middle of the night, in the dark diaper changes.
also, the rock n' play sleeper was great, even though ben never wanted to sleep in it. we never ever used our pack n' play....andhe still sleeps in our bed, so who am i to be giving parenting advice anyway? ha!

the aden & anais swaddle blankets are AWESOME. the gauze is so light and they are HUGE and kind of stretchy so they make swaddling a breeze.

we have a mcclaren umbrella stroller that we use all the time and a bumbleride jogging stroller for the open them both.

a snap n' go frame with a grace snugride infant seat is an absolute can't live without item. seriously, it will make your life SO easy...

and as for diaper bags...i didn;t have a petunia picklebottom. they sure are cute though...what the heck is the brand of mine...? i can't think. it's a good one though, but you don't have to have PP :)

Lindsay said...

I actually made a list on my blog of my Must-Have Baby Items that we used CONSTANTLY:

Branden and Courtney said...

We got a really nice diaper bag but then the hospital gave us one and we used it a lot more, it's a one shoulder backpack, but it's manly enough Branden wouldn't mind carrying it, and it didn't fall off your arm.

The bouncer was a life saver, you can start buying diapers, just stock up get a few ones, we used a lot of 2's. Then just get new horns if you need when baby comes. Besides the hospital gave us like 2 packs of them

Branden and Courtney said...

Oh and tommy tipped bottles, that's pretty much all we used, and the ugly green pacifiers the hospital gives you, that's all she'd take until we took them away last month

P! said...

I know less than nothing about babies and baby stuff, but I do insist that you check out specialty stores, like baby boutiques and whatnot for fabulous baby shoes. That's the best advice I can give. I love baby shoes!! I mean, come on!! Babies don't need shoes, but how freaking hilarious is it that they wear them anyway?! Love. It.

Randi Gardner said...

Okay wow! Where do I start? I have to say the best purchase I made was my Ikea crib. It was only $100 and so simple and good quality - and cute which matters to me! I say look at ikea for any furniture or decor.
As for clothing, shop at TJ Maxx. You can get designer stuff for cheaper - seriously Jude looks nicer than I ever do!
Products: I found that I liked Aveeno baby the very best. It smells good, moisturizes well and is plenty affordable. Bordeaux's butt paste is a must and the ONLY diaper rash cream I will ever buy.
One thing I never bought but my friend and Kristi had was Aiden & Anias swaddling blankets. I LOVE the material and they are perfect for bundling and for the hot summer heat down here! They are kind of spendy but something good to put on your registry for someone else to buy. :)
I don't think you need a swing or a baby monitor. That's just me. I did fine without those. I used my bouncer all the time.
Don't get a fancy wooden highchair I was given mine for free but I think I would rather a plastic one that is much easier to clean (Ikea, again.)
Bottles, I liked the Born Free bottles.
I recommend a stroller - car seat duo (make your parents buy it haha.) I got Graco and had NO problems and still don't with my stroller!
Post pregnancy get a belly band or use your back brace (if you end up buying one) to tighten your stomach back. It's essential!
Also after birth and in your hospital bag I recommend stool softener and lanolish breast cream. I used a medella breast pump and it was just great!
When baby gets a bit older, Baby mum mums are awesome on the go snacks and the safe sippy is the best sippy cup I have found.
There's my novel! Woo Hoo! This is exciting!

krystal said...

I have ZERO experience with tots too and we are due in Sept! I bought the book Baby Bargains and it helped tremendously. I just followed their reviews as a start and used blogs for more info! ;)

Unknown said...

I'm expecting a new baby boy end of August! So I'm almost 33 weeks now.

So far, all we've bought is a Chicco travel system (car seat, base and stroller). We went with the Chicco brand because it was really highly recommended to us by friends. Now that I've bought it, I recommend it to EVERYONE!!! It's so easy to set up, use and transport! We bought ours on Craigslist for $150 (over half off retail)!

Anyway, as far as "stuff" for the baby, we're quite minimalist. We're waiting to see what we get at showers first before buying. I know for sure though we aren't getting a crib or bouncer or big stuff like that yet (what baby needs when he gets older) because we're in a 1-bedroom apartment and have no where to put it!

Let us know what you buy!!!! :)

Deveny said...

Don't buy an expensive crib unless it converts to a toddler bed (we got a nice one at target), we only used the changing table a handful of times [the floor was easier], huggies has the best diapers for leaks & the softest for newborns & CHEAPEST, don't buy an expensive breast pump until you find out how baby takes to breast feeding (unless you won't be; in that case cheapest is renting a nice one from hospital. Manuals suck).

Johnson & Johnson is the tried and true way for baby bath stuff. Stroller: we got the one that includes the baby's carseat - fabulous, although the stroller was a little bulky.

Diaper genies are a load of crap (literally...haha), the garbage can works just fine. Wipe warmers aren't really worth it and the kid doesn't care. You WILL receive a crap ton of blankets at your shower and clothes so don't stock up too much on those. For bottles, we loved the ones with the plastic liners. May seem wasteful to throw the liner away every single time but my goodness was it easy for us (didn't have to wash countless bottles).

Don't buy a lot of newborn clothes, they seriously grow like weeds until around 1.

That Girl said...

I'm so all over this:

What MUST we have:
*carrier of some sort (we have a ridiculous number, but on days the baby flips out when you put him/her down you'll be thankful you have something that means you can hold him/her and still be hands free)
*If you're breastfeeding - boppy, the most comfortable glider you can find, pump, hands free pumping bra, nursing cover
*bouncer or swing - we had both. The swing was good for a little entertainment, but the bouncer was heaven-sent because I could bring it in the bathroom with me while I showered. Which meant I got to shower every day.
*Sleep sheep
*Fisher Price Soothe and Glow Seahorse

What can we live without?
*Other people used them, but we never needed burp cloths or cloth bibs. Waste of space for us.

What are your favorite brands for

bottles: I always joke that the best brand for bottles are the ones your baby will take. Don't buy too many of one brand until you know the baby likes them. We use both Dr. Brown and Tommee Tippee.
pumps: Medela
Car seats: Chicco
Strollers: I love my City Elite. Especially because it folds up with one hand.
Cribs: I have a Graco Sarah, which is fine, but nothing outstanding.
Baby shampoo: We use California Baby which is a bodywash and shampoo
High chairs: Fisher Price Space Saver
Diaper bags: I have a Kate Spade Diaper Bag which I adore. It looks like a purse, just bigger, so I can use it as a purse and diaper bag.
What's your favorite material for blankets: I like the Aden and Anais muslin blankets - they're light and very versatile. Get the larger ones, which made swaddling easier.

Anonymous said...

Those photos! Too funny!

Lexie said...

I'll list my favorites/needs:
-don't get a travel system. I LOVE my city select babyjogger stroller. It's a single or double. Feel free to come check it out if you want.
-a bouncer
-just a cheap monitor
-boppy nursing pillow helps a lot in the beginning and is comfy for them to lay on just on the floor
-loved the bumbo with Ty and used it ALL the time, but I know some babies flip themselves out which can be scary.
-baby bjorn carrier(DON'T go cheap brand, they don't work near as good) I learned the hard way.
-portable crib/play pen if you travel ever.
-medela pump is the best for sure(my sis-in-laws insurance paid for hers. Her dr wrote it as a prescription so you should look into it)
-nightgowns, or Jammie's with zippers are best. Snaps are a pain in the middle of the night.
-I hate the plastic bath tubs. Just get the little sling thing for the tub(wal mart) or a puj tub for the sink. I love it
-adan and anais blankets, tricot fabric(silky), and minky are my favorite.

Hope that's a good start! You're going to be the best mommy!

Julie said...

I'm not a mommy but I'm an aunt to six little ones and an honorary aunt to friends kids and I suggest the following:

- Tommy Tippee items
- boppy with covers
- diaper bag with a design that your hubby doesn't mind toting around
- nipple covers or protectors
- seat bases for each one of your cars and an extra for the person that might take the kiddo around so you don't have to take yours in and out all the time
- crib that converts to a toddler bed
- diaper table organizer

I've also been told not to be afraid to register for the stuff you really want, like at a wedding, because you never know who is going to buy you it.

Natalie said...

There are so many choices, it can be overwhelming! Every baby is different of course, but here are some baby items we have liked. Max is 10 months old now. Pump - Medela PISA with a hands free bra Bottles - Dr. Brown's, but we want to use Tommee Tippee with the next one. There are so many parts with the Dr. Brown's! Diaper bag - I have 3, ha! I have a Coach one and it is good for long trips, a Lands End Daytripper which is great for short trips and my newest and favorite the Skip Hop studio in Champagne. Stroller - Baby Jogger City Mini hands down. That thing is awesome! My suggestion is to get a snap & go for the first few months or get the car seat attachement for this stroller. I hated my travel system. The stroller is too heavy and bulky! Wipes warmer - Someone said not to get a wipes warmer but I say do! Ours has a light on it so it was great for middle of the night changes and it really helped with the meconium in the beginning. Max does fine with cold wipes too :) Boppy and My Brest Friend pillow- I used the MBF pillow for nursing, it was easiest for me and the boppy is great at propping them us or putting in your lap. Now we use the boppy when he drinks his own bottle. Fisher Price swing and bouncer - I think we have the Snugabunny or something like that. Max used his bouncer every single day until he was too big for it. I took it over to friend's homes for him to sit/sleep on too! Monitor - I suggest getting an Angel Care one. We have the Sony Baby Call and it works great but a video monitor would be wonderful at this stage. Halo sleepsack - I was not so good at swaddling and these were a godsend. A & A - blankets - worth the money. We still use them! Crib and changing table - We got our crib at Cheap and looks nice. He is chewing on it now so I am glad I didn't spend too much money. As for the changing table we got the IKEA Hemnes dresser and got a changing pad. Love it! Toys - Max has a crinkle teething book that he still plays with. It is Bright Starts brand. He also loves his FP Seahorse (like a gloworm). We have a ton of teethers and small toys and I got most of them at showers. For big stuff if you don't get it as gifts go consignment. They don't use things for very long! If you want more suggestions let me know!

You'll be a great mom and it will come natural, it did for me and I've never been a kid person :)

Shelley said...

It looks like you already got a LOT of advice but if you have any questions for me I am here!

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

These are things that are a MUST for me:
-Boppy pillow, I use it every single time I nurse. It makes things so much more comfortable!
-if you're planning on breast feeding, you will want a PUMP!!!! I made the mistake of not getting one the first time around and I regretted it. I love the Medela Pump In Style, it has worked great!
Other things you will want if you're going to breastfeed: lanolin cream (nipple cream), nursing pads (for leaky boobs), and possibly nipple shields (I never used these but I know lots of women did). It all sounds so glamorous right? Lol
Okay what else....hmm....
-Some kind of playmat, ats how both of my babies have learned to reach out andgrabthings,helps with motor skills and it's fun for them. Mine is a jungle safari theme.
-Bumbo seat
-Some kind of carrier. We have the moby wrap (nice for infants), a baby Bjorn and an Ergo carrier.

We had a basing but neither of my kids liked it much. For my second son we got a bouncer seat and he loves it, so I suppose that's a good idea to get if you have some extra money, they aren't that expensive.
Actually most of these things you can fondant consignment stores!

Brands I love for bottles are the Medela bottles (the come with the pump). And Avent. A lot of pele complain that Aventbottles leak but the truth is, they don't leak, it's user error. People just don't screw on the top right.

Height of my kids took pacifiers as a baby but NUK is the best brand, in my opinion. :)

Our infant carseat is a Chicco. I love it. We have a matching stroller, which we used all of the time with myo older son. The infant seat fits right in the stroller. Only thing is that the stroller isn't very "all terrain" so if you're planning to do a lot of walking on gravel/dirt trails, get a BOB or something....but thy are pricey!

-Pampers swaddled diapers. The only way to go for infants.
-Aveeno baby body wash

And that's it I think. When it comes down to it, babies don't need much really. Diapers, milk, and lots of love :)

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Oh my gosh, I apologize for all of the typos. I'm on the iPad.
After I talk about carriers.... I meant to say "we had a swing but both of boys didn't like it much". Ha ha. Sorry!

Rachel said...

I love my baby swing. All the other big stuff didn't really do it for me. I used a bumbo for my twins, but my first never sat in one and I like to say she crawled and walked faster without it. I used to prop her up with the boppy around her. The boppy is my favorite baby item. Whether you breast feed or not, it's awesome.
And don't worry about getting the expensive brands of diapers. I used to only buy huggies, but they get pricey and now I just get parents choice. Not a huge difference in product to me. But price is huge and you will go through lots of diapers. Don't worry though, it's so exciting and wonderful.

Megan said...

Awww! You will make a great mama!!

Here are my rec's:

Diaper bag-the bigger the better!! I have a coach bag
In you plan to pump get one that has 2 pumps to save time, Medela is awesome and is QUIET!!
Pacifiers-Avent soothie (don't buy a lot in case baby won't take them)
Burp cloths- we used cloth diapers. They are just gonna get stained, don't waste your money on fancy/expensive ones
Detergent-babyganics we use the lavender scent
Fabric softener- bounce unscented (for baby)
High chair- fisher price easy to clean
Swing-fisher price my little lamb
Bouncy seat-fisherprice my little lamb
A pack in play
A glider
Diaper genie (we have 1 with foot petal)
Sleep sack
Microwave steamer to sterilize bottles (Avent)

Don't need-
Wipe warmer
Milk bags, you can use ziplocks (if they are bpa free) or bottles

Alexis Kaye said...

Okay I only read like half these comments but one I saw a lot was the medela breast pump. I got mine on craigslist practically brand new for less than a third the price! She said she only used it a few times. I'm just going to replace the tubes which is super cheap. :)

Unknown said...

Silly question, can you e-mail me?? I want to give you the advice that was given to me and it is FAAAAR too much to put on a blog comment.

Molly said...

Lurker here (via HopesandDreams). Just get a diaper bag you can toss in the washing machine. So convenient. Mine is a LeSportsac. Also, the best diaper cream ever, EVER invented is Penaten, it's a German brand. Buy it from Amazon. Comes in a tin, lasts for eternity, clears up anything with just a few applications, and doesn't stink, at all! It's actually good for any chafing. Had to mention those two things because I love them so much. Back to lurking I go.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I don't have any kids but when my uncle and his wife had a baby in November they said they loved the 0-3 years bath tub they got. It was from Target and in the shape of a whale. They said the seat in it was great.

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