Tuesday, August 30, 2016

save this memory

Save This Memory- could there be a more perfect name considering the photos captured here?! I'm so in love with our family pictures!
Don't even worry that these gorgeous family photos were taken 5 months ago... Also, don't tell me that I've aged since then ;) Seriously though, I can't believe what a slacker I am with this blog that I love so much!! Life is busy but I'm grateful for everything in it that keeps me busy- including this sweet family of mine! I just adore this phase of life I'm in with Eric and our two babies, and having it photographed and frozen in time means the world to me!
One of my best friend's moved to Arizona recently and I'm so excited to share her with all of you! Not only do we get our weekly play dates, but we get to take advantage of her incredible photography talents... score!! If you're local to Arizona, I highly recommend Save This Memory for your photography and videography needs! She covers it all from family photos to weddings, etc.We loved working with her and I know you will, too!! Now excuse me while I go cry a river because it's time to schedule James' 1 year photos. Time is a thief!!


Laura Darling said...

These are adorable!! Definite framers. I love your skirt!!

Kelly Linn Feller said...

Beautiful photos! You didn't happen to take these at Agritopia, did you?! I thought I recognized the farmer's market stand :)

Brittany said...

Your family is PICTURE PERFECT. Gorgeous pictures. Isn't it crazy how time gets away from you and you suddenly feel so far behind on your blog?! I'm still blogging about my honeymoon that happened two months ago! Oops.

According to Kiki said...

How cute are these family photos! Though I have to admit I laughed hysterically at little Mia as Eric "tossed" her! hahaha

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