Thursday, February 18, 2016

the darndest things... {Miasims}

It's time for another edition of "Mia says the darndest things"... because no one can have me crying tears of frustration one second, and in the next, tears from laughter ;) It's been too long since I've done one of these, so her vocabulary has grown quite a bit since I first started making notes! She's also become incredibly inappropriate since I started making these notes.... BAH!

Hat c/o The Posh Plum
Mia was covering her eyes with her hands and told me, "look at me, momma! I hidin', momma!"

I recorded the first time she said, "holy cow!" because it was too funny. We've moved on from that phrase though. I was changing James' poopy diaper when Mia randomly said, "holy crap!" so.... ha ha!

When we brought James home from the hospital, my parents were staying with us for a few nights to help. Eric and I took advantage of them being home and took Mia out on a little date his last night before returning to work. As we were walking in for ice cream Mia informed us that she deserved a big ice cream (because she's a big sister now!) "not a wittle one, a BIG one!"

Just a couple days after bringing James home from the hospital, Mia and I were reading a Halloween book. I explained that when she was a baby, she was a lady bug for her first Halloween. She quickly told me, "I not a baby anymore!
"Yep, you're a big girl!"
"I'm a sister!!"
She has loved her role as big sister from day one ;)

One morning I explained to Mia that I needed to shower because "I stink" (to put it bluntly, ha ha!) That night she heard Eric in the shower and told me, "daddy stink SO HARD!"

James was only a few days old when Mia looked at his face and exclaimed (with a horrified look on his face), "oh no!! Where'd his eyebrows go?!"

Mia overheard me say, "that is SO stinking cute!"
She quickly corrected me, "it's NOT stinky!"
"No, it's not! It is SO cute!"
"It's not stinky cute!"
I started laughing.
"It's NOT funny!"

I was loading Mia in the car to head to our church Christmas party and reminded her to tell me when she needed to go potty.
"Uh huh!! I ho'd it in my pants and then I pee on Santa!
"Oh pleeeeeeeeease don't pee on Santa!" (I was totally shocked that she said that, by the way!)
"Okaaaaaay...." with a mischievous giggle. HA!

James was grunting in his sleep, plus trying to breath through his congested nose and it kind of sounded like snoring. Mia said, "James sounds like a chicken!"
"He does?!"
"Yeah, like Papa!"
Poor Papa... he does snore but he does not sound like a chicken when doing so, ha ha!

Mia got some new clothes and she had to try them on the second we pulled them out of the packages. She tried on her "ballerina" dress and instantly told me, "I twirl now!!" as she tested out it's twirling abilities. Next she tried on her superman pj's (from the boy's section... the girl kind was not super hero-y enough!) and instantly exclaimed, "I need my super hero cape! I gotta get my cape now!" and ran off to find her pink cape :) She was such a hoot that night as she tried on each item. Something I don't want to forget!

The other morning she hollered from the bathroom that she needed me to come wipe her bum. I walked in and she excitedly said, "It's a BIG poop, mom!"
"It is?"
"No! It's just a baby poop. It doesn't have it's mommy, dad and big sister!"
The things you never thought would be normal conversation before having kids....


Jenn said...

Oh my...she's adorable. I love hearing kids say things in different situations--theyre too funny. Love the "daddy stink so hard" hahah

P!nky said...

Pee on Santa and the baby poop, oh my goodness I die. She is tooo hilarious and TOO STINKING cute! ;)

Nikki said...

Oh my goodness these are hilarious! I love these kinds of posts! Kids say the funniest stuff! I love listening to #babybigtruck now that she is starting to come out with things! Hilarious!

Kelly Mock said...

Oh she is super funny! Love the eyebrows! So cute! I just did a Hallieism post today too!

According to Kiki said...

Oh my gosh! haha I know these days are so close! haha I can't wait to hear what comes out of my little one's mouth.

Traci@TheHallway said...

HAHAHA! These are my favorite!!

Erin LFF said...

LOL- these made me seriously laugh out loud this afternoon. What a fun/funny age she is!!! :)

Mandie said...

These are great. My favorite is about James' missing eyebrows. Tee hee!

Evelina said...

The eyebrows one definitely made me laugh out loud. Oh the horror!

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

Hahaha! Holy crap. Love it! She probably was right though!
Oh my gosh, I hope she didn't pee on Santa!!! LOL!!!

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

hahaha that last one. Poop talk is totally a daily thing here. oy

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