Wednesday, April 22, 2015

sharing the news about baby #2

Gosh, I keep dragging this out, don't I? I'm sorry to leave you guys hangin' as I slowly share the details about baby #2... but between life being crazy busy right now (plus a trip to Utah last week) and no bump (it's all bloating!) I keep dragging the details out as long as possible :) I will probably start my weekly bump posts next week even though it feels like I'll never have a bump (and when I do have a bump, it will feel like I'll never be rid of it, HA!), just to document everything from here on out!

 My two sickies... oh how I wish I could have a redo with this announcement and wait until they were feeling better, ha ha!
So, as I mentioned before, I found out I was pregnant just days after moving to Arizona. I wanted to share the news in a special way with Eric, the way I did with Mia's pregnancy, but he was working SO much so I knew I would have to wait! I decided Valentine's would be the perfect day to do it! I searched online to find the perfect "big sister" shirt but actually had the hardest time finding one. The few that I did find just weren't that cute... so I went with a darling "best sis ever" shirt that I knew I'd have Mia wear over and over again! It was set to arrive the week of Valentine's Day which made the waiting to tell Eric a little easier... because I couldn't share the news without Mia taking part in it after all ;)
The Sunday before Valentine's Day was spent at the urgent care with a very sick Eric and Mia. They both got meds for their sore throats and other symptoms. Eric isn't one to milk it when he's sick, so I know it's really bad when he's pretty much useless and sleeps the whole time. But of course the neighbors showed up that evening with a package that had been mistakenly placed in their mail box... and it was Mia's sister shirt! Since I had it in my hands and Eric was home I decided I just couldn't wait until the next weekend to share the news! While Eric was dishing some ice cream (he was positive that would help his throat, and Mia's, feel better... HA!) I quickly changed Mia's shirt. Of course Eric didn't notice the shirt because he was so out of it, and Mia was way too into her ice cream to listen to me when asking her to "show daddy your shirt!" I finally told Eric to read her shirt and he just stared at it.... that was it! NO reaction! Yeah, totally anti climatic. Thanks for that, babe. Just kidding, I should have known better than to spring the news on him when he was sicker than sick, ha ha! Later that night, and each day after, Eric showed more and more excitement about the news! I blame his no good, very bad (or just plain NO) initial reaction on being super sick... and I suppose I jumped the gun and should have just stuck to my fun Valentine announcement plan, ha ha!

Mia basically told our families all on her own... who knew that my little two year old couldn't keep a secret?! I certainly didn't realize I had to worry about that :) Here are the short stories:

Eric and I decided that the best time to tell our families about baby #2 was when Mia and I went back to Utah the end of February. We were super bummed we couldn't share the news together, but at least Mia and I could do it in person. While at the cabin with my family, I changed Mia into her "best sis ever" shirt and waited to see which of my family members would notice it first. No one noticed, of course ;) But during dinner Mia suddenly started lifting up her shirt, patting her belly and kept saying, "baby!" I remember hearing my sister in law, Alycia, saying, "what the heck?!" before I prompted Mia to show them where mommy's baby is! She just kept patting her belly and saying, "baby" before I pulled her shirt down so that my family could read what it said, ha ha. They were pretty shocked as we had already spent a couple days together and I never said anything before, plus my mom really couldn't believe I was telling them without Eric there... one sad part about living all the way in Arizona!

A couple days later Mia and I traveled to my in laws to spend a couple days with them. That night we face-timed with Eric and the whole family. I had Mia come out in her "best sis ever" shirt and my mother in law immediately noticed the shirt. Much to my surprise she said, "I knew it! Mia already told me!" Umm, WHAT?! Earlier that day during lunch, she was holding Mia while I was dishing food on our plates. Mia kept saying, "mommy, baby! mommy, baby!" LaNita asked her, "are you mommy's baby?" Our little loud mouth said, "no! Mommy, baby!" and that's when my intuitive mother in law made the connection... but it's only fitting that Mia spilled the beans to everyone because of how in tune she has been with this pregnancy since I first learned about it!

I just need to remember to watch what I say around Mia from now on ;) Especially if it's meant to be kept a secret, ha ha!

23 comments: said...

Haha that is such a cute way to share--sorry he got sick and it didn't end completely as planned! I also love that Mia decide to tell the rest of the family for you :)
Melanie @

P!nky said...

That shirt is super duper cute and something Mia can rock for awhile. I love your idea for telling everyone, sorry it didn't go the way as planned but all of your stories are cute and sweet. Mia saying "baby, mommy" and pointing to her tummy is toooooo cute! <3

Jenn said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE the shirt idea, and I love that she was the one to spill the beans to your family haha. So super cute!

Jamie @ The Jamie's + 1 said...

bahahah!!! Sweet Mia!!!! Love that shirt!

Brittany said...

It's amazing how much people can miss when they aren't specifically paying attention to it! I love that Mia was spreading the word. She's SO excited about it and that's the cutest thing!

BLovedBoston said...

Ahh you'll definitely remember springing the news on Eric with baby #2 - People really don't pay attention to what mia is wearing do they LOL xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

allison_cooley3@hotmail.comson said...

We realized the other day that we need to start watching what we say in front of Brylee too. When to they get so big? I've thought of doing the shirt thing too when we get pregnant again to see who notices;)

'Tis Our Life Blog

Ashley Brickner said...

Haha, love these stories - even though they didn't go quite as you planned, that's the fun, right?!! We did the shirt thing with my in-laws too, and they took forever to figure it out!!! And even though baby sissy's name is a secret, Waverly knows & it seriously freaks me out anytime she is around people, I just know she is going to let it slip soon! :)

Kimberly said...

With my baby #2, he was kind of unplanned so I was freaking out and when Adam came home from work I told him "so I have a tiny baby in my belly" and that was it :) haha I'm not great at fun annoucements.

Caroline @ Windy City Chic said...

Cute story. :-) Sorry that Eric was so sick though when you told him. :-( Looking forward to your bump dates too!! :-)

Evelina said...

haha I love these announcements! So funny how most people didn't notice the shirt!

Foxy's Domestic Side said...

So cute :) I love announcements. I did shirt for our #2 announcement too. We got to my parents house late, but really wanted to tell them right away, so we took our sleeping baby and changed him into the shirt and then had him walk around and he was just so tired he kept trying to get people to hold him so he could sleep. LOL. Eventually they say the back which said "yes we're pregnant" then they turned him around and it said "only child expiring September 2013" Not perfect, but we loved how it turned out

Our Pretty Little Girls said...

Hehe! That is hilarious. I really need to write a post about the first time I told my husband I was pregnant.... lets just say it was not cute and I used the words bitch and pregnant in the same sentence. Lol. Oh my goodness, the stupid girl I was.

We used a big sister shirt to announce our 2nd too :).

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

ha love that she spilled the beans!

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

Oh man! Who knew that 2 year olds were such bad secret keepers?! If you're not telling people if it's a boy or girl or what the baby's name is... don't tell Mia! ;)

Allison said...

Aw Mia is already a proud big sister blabbing the big news. Haha. Love that!

Laura Marie Keenan said...

How funny that no one noticed right away! I was so excited to tell Conor the second time around (he was with me when we found out about Liam) and it was incredibly anti climatic, ha!

Ashley @ said...

I love how excited Mia is!! "Mommy baby!" What a fun way to keep Mia involved in everything (and clearly well educated about where babies live!). I am just so excited for your family to grow by +1. I hope baby #2 loves his/her big sister as much as Mia already loves baby!

Mandie said...

That's so special that Mia is the one to share the news. I love it! :)

Mandie ~

Pamela said...

how cute!!

lori said...

that is so funny that mia is sharing your news! gonna have to be careful what you tell her in the future- haha! and i'm impressed you can wait... i waited a day to tell greg when i was pregnant with carter and it was the LONGEST day ever!

Sandra said...

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Lauren said...

haha! When I told Nick about being pregnant with Nora he was sick too and he didn't really seem to care! But the excitement definitely built as time went on! Silly boys!

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