Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Loving: our family video! I don't think I can express how much I love it if I tried... I'm just plain obsessed. I'm not positive, but I doubt the obsession will be waring off anytime soon, ha! If you have been wondering if it's worth the money... it totally is! We had such a positive experience filming, we just played with Mia and didn't have to stop and pose once. We all had the best time! Ah! I just can't say enough good things about it!

Reading/watching: I've got nothin' new in this department this month. I finished City of Heavenly Fire (loved it!) and I'm debating whether to start the other series by the same author. Has anyone else read them?
I'm not watching anything new, including the Bachelorette, which is just a shame (ha ha!) I need to hurry up and catch up on Hulu! Has it been a good season?

Trying to: get into a summer routine that includes blogging! I have been slacking on my blog stalking and I miss knowing what's going on in every one's lives (nosy creeper alert)! I'm having the hardest time balancing a clean home, healthy home-cooked meals, blogging, playing with Mia and offering her everything she needs, being a good wife, traveling and spending as much time possible outside! Unfortunately I haven't been able to get around to commenting on blogs as much as I used to and I miss the interaction! Has summer been as crazy, busy for everyone else?

Wishing: that these summer storms never had to leave! Monsoon season is my favorite! I'm also wishing we had a few more thunder and lightening shows! It's been such a dry year that I'm sure it's a good thing we haven't had very much lightning to light our state on fire, but I love me a good thunder storm!

Excited for: our vacation! Now that I've spent a night away from Mia I'm confident that I'll love my time away with Eric (instead of crying hysterically over missing my baby... Yes, I was totally worried about this, ha)! Any last minute tips, must see/must do's in Boston?!


Heather Leigh @ Like a Morning cup of coffee said...

Oh my goodness that video!!! <3 <3 She is forever going to cherish that.. Actually all of you guys will :) I'd love to have one made for my family :)

Ashley said...

That video is the sweetest!! Oh my gosh, I can't get over it. It makes me want to do one for Colton and I!!

Sarita @ it's a girl's world said...

It's hard to tear yourself of blogging when you start but yes, I need to balance summer with blogging as well. !

Kimberly said...

Blogging has been so hard lately!! You're doing much better than I am :)

Emily said...

i haven't finished the mortal instruments series yet, but I plan on it as soon as I can my hands on that last book. although -- if i'm being completely honest with you, I think the series should have stopped at book 3. I LOVED the first 3 so so SOOOOO much!! and then the 4th came along and I was like CAN WE JUST HAVE THEM BE TOGETHER PLEASE??? It felt redundant and dragged on. i'm not saying I haven't enjoyed 4 and 5, but I think she should have stopped at 3. with that being said -- her other series is EVEN BETTER!!! the infernal devices... seriously my favorite!! and the way she wrote them is GENIUS!! she wrote the first one after book 3 of MI, then she wrote book 4, book 2, book 5, book 3... make sense? probably not. but they go together incredibly well. i'm almost confident that's why she kept going with the first series. you'll have to read it to see what I mean. but I don't think you'll be disappointed :)

The Blissful Brown's said...

Totally hear ya with the balancing all of the duties as a mama and wife and making time for blogging! Have a blast on your vacay, I would offer tips but we have yet to have a getaway without baby! Enjoy it mama! :)

tina bumblebee said...

City of Heavenly Fire is next on my list to read! I'm pretty iffy about the clockwork series that she wrote... I'm not certain I care enough about the adult characters to read about them as kids hmmm

Sara Elizabeth said...

I'm totally obsessed with the video. It's the sweetest thing I've ever seen... I LOVE MIA'S HAPPY FACES!!!

Angie said...

I'm terrified of storms so you can have any thunder and lightening that comes my way!

What I'd give to have a weekend away with my Hubby. Maybe in another 16 years LOL

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