Tuesday, January 18, 2011

honeymoon 2008

Once we FINALLY left our reception we were off to our hotel!  I was so excited to start our honeymoon and to get away, just the 2 of us!  And I was especially ready for some peace and quiet.  Do you think we got it?  Nooooo.  Shortly after we got to our room (which we paid too much for by the way... don't spend hundreds on your hotel room honeymoon night..use that for spending money or something haha) our phone started ringing!  Yep, the phone in our room.  Someone would call and hang up, that happened probably twice.  The third time Eric picked up and it was my cousin (my cousin is a dad of 6 kids... and still a serious kid at heart.. Payback someday...) and my 2 brothers!  REALLY!?  So now they know where we're staying.  What's a freshly wed couple to do?!  In-n-out run!  We were starving anyway so at 11:30 pm we were off to get some grub.  We didn't get back til after midnight so we thought we were safe.  The next morning we woke up to an awfully nice sight.  Our car was plastered with dirtiness.  (I didn't get a picture cause I wasn't very picture-happy then.. I'm still trying to be better at taking pictures now) There was a little family watching us trying to pick nasties off our car and Eric heard one of the kids ask what was all over our car..poor parents who had to explain haha.  Anyway we took the car to Fab Freddy's promptly at 9 am (opening time) and NO ONE would come help us!  What the heck?!  That's how bad our car was..we had to take it to a high pressure washer and wash it ourselves :(  Someday... payback's a you-know-what boys.  That's all I have to say about this.
Now for our honeymoon!  We decided to do simple and relaxing for our get away and we loved it!  We went to Midway, UT and stayed at the Homestead Resort.

Eric did all the booking and planning for this trip so when we went to check in the woman asked us why we were staying there.  We told her it was our honeymoon and we'd just been married the day before!  She upgraded us to the honeymoon suite free of charge!  (Yep, upgrade.  My cheap husband didn't book us the honeymoon suite... haha!  Or!  Maybe he knew what he was doing and that we'd get a free upgrade?!  Yeah..probably not ha!)
It was so pretty here and perfect weather!  We had so many plans and adventures we wanted to do while up here but once we were here we were just really lazy haha.  We ate lots of good food, watched movies, and slept alot haha.  Seriously we were so tired!  One adventure we did do though was swim in the crater!

The mineral water in this crater is naturally heated to 90-96 degrees!  It was a toasty swim but way fun!  We've never done anything like this before!

Midway Ut
honeymoon picture.  these are the only picture I have and I pulled them off facebook because I didn't have the pictures backed up when our computer crashed :(  so sad!
Salt Lake City (Temple square)

On our way home we stopped in Salt Lake and shopped at the Gateway and visited Temple square.  We had such a great time and couldn't wait to get home and open all our gifts!  The next weekend we had an open house where my hubby's from and then we really started our life as Mr. and Mrs. Brinkerhoff!


Laura Darling said...

That mineral spring in the crater looks so neat!!

ConnieB said...

aww temple square... that's where my husband and I had our first kiss!

Amberly said...

So fun!!! Yeah.. I hid my car during the reception and only told my best friend where it was because I didn't mind if it got decorated, I just wanted it cute (because I was a great friend and decorated their cars cute) well.... apparently she didn't understand that and was confused that she was the only one who knew where the car was and told everyone (including my brothers) and my dad gave them cool whip and oreos because nobody was really prepared with anything else.... I was an unhappy camper when I was ready to leave my reception....

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