Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Holidays!

I can NOT believe how time has flown by!  Look at me being a slacker at blogging!  Oops!  I promise to do better!  But really!  Life has been crazy.  That's part of what we love about the holidays though right?  Here's a quick catch up to what we've been doing then I'll get back to posting regulary about past and present :)  (Sorry if it gets confusing that I jump back and forth from now to back before we were married...I just want it all documented!)
Happy Thanksgiving! :)  This slacker (me) only got 2 pictures!  Ah!  I know.  Sorry.

We love awkward pictures ;)

Decisions, decisions!  No worries!  He tried them all! :)
This year we spent Thanksgiving with my husband's family!  It was a short but very sweet trip!  We got to play hard with the niece and nephews and had good visits with all the adults!  The food was delish!  And the pies... let's just say the Brinkerhoff's don't mess around!  There were 17 pies!  That was a disappointment I learned.  They try to have more pies than adults...and there were 18 adults.  Dang it!  :)  Lucky for them I'm not a big pie eater (I only like the lemon mer. pie!) so they can cancel me out :)  We had a great time and I have so much to be thankful for!  Here's a short thankful list:
I'm Thankful For:
My sexy hubby
My job and Eric's job
Our amazing family and friends
Warm winter clothes
Our vehicles that have been so good to us and never break down
Our move that was so scary but has been so good to us

After Thanksgiving I spent a week in St. George working.  I'm so dang lucky to work my dream job and love what I do!  I'm a hairstylist.  Seriously so simple but SO FUN!  When we found out we were moving up north I was so upset about having to quit my job and never see my clients or the girls I worked with.  BUT we worked it out to where I get to go work one week at the salon every month and I love it!  I get to hangout with the girls all day and see my clients that I love!  It's a BUSY week for me so that's a good excuse to why I didn't blog right?  Ha!  It was so fun to stay with my parents and see all my friends!  And the weater was WONDERFUL!  I should've taken my shorts :)  Can't wait to go back next month!
Now we've been doing everything we can to get in the Christmas spirit!  Decorating, SHOPPING (my favorite!) wrapping gifts, Christmas music everywhere, yummy treats, and remembering Christ!  I love this time of the year and will have more pictures to post later!  Until then..enjoy! 
Snow... Ah! :)
Love him.  xoxo  (He's very proud of this picture...he kept saying Zoolander?)
Merry Christmas!


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