Monday, November 15, 2010

We're engaged!!

I wish I would've been blogging back when we really did get engaged :)  It would've been so much more fun to announce!  Anyway here's our's a little corky and will feel very spur of the moment BUT it's so us :)
The week before Valentine's Day (2008) Eric asked me if we could eat Panda Express (the meal we had on our traumatic first date :)) on friday! I told him we could just get it now but he told me that he wanted to wait til then.  Since Valentine's was on a thursday and he had school that night he wanted to do a special date for us friday night!  Then he proceeded to tell me to not be surprised if he blindfolds me...What?!  I interrupted him right then and told him to STOP talking.  He looked kind of flustered and apologized. (He was just a little excited and the poor guy can't keep a secret very well when he's excited.)  Haha should I be thinking something special is going to happen friday night? :)  We set the time for our "normal, please don't expect anything special to happen tonight" date around 6ish.  Eric wanted to do it earlier than that but I had a client scheduled for 4 and it was a color.  I usually spend 2 hours to color, cut, and style and have a little time for sufficient gossip :)  But I told him I'd hurry as fast as I could!
Well friday rolls around and I made sure to have my hair curled pretty, get my nails done nice and sparkly (you know in case anything sparkly ended up on my finger that night) and picked out my cutest outfit!  I wasn't "expecting" anything that night but hey!  It pays to be prepared right?!  My 4 o clock appointment showed up and I did her hair in record time!  Seriously an hour and 15 minutes!  (I wasn't excited about my date or anything cause I didn't know what was going to happen ;)) I hurried home and Eric picked me up shortly after.  It was already getting dark (and we needed daylight!) so Eric asked me if we could go for a short walk instead of dinner first.  As I was popping the batteries in the camera I told him I didn't mind :)  We pulled up to Tonaquint Park (same park as our first date) and took a little stroll around it then we went back to the picnic table that we first ate at and Eric bent down on one knee, told me how much he loved me, then popped the question!  Of course I said YES!  (In case you're wondering where my camera is at this point that I made sure had fresh new batteries for...I left it in the car dang it!)  After that we went to dinner at my favorite restaraunt, got icecream with friends, and I got to show my pretty ring off all night long! :)
Just to let you know...we did have a great little date Valentine's night (Eric ended up not having school that night) complete with a movie, pizza, icecream, and flowers!  Eric would've proposed that night I think except everyone told him it was so lame and cheesy...I would never want to compromise his manliness so there was no complaining from me :)

Engaged: February 15, 2008
Eric and soon to be Courtney Brinkerhoff :)
Enjoy some of our engagemnet pictures!

I totally would've posted a "Yay we just got engaged!" picture BUT I lost those too when our computer crashed :(  ALWAYS back your pictures up!


The Stylers said...

Love the engagement story!! That is Horrible you lost all of your pictures, that is seriously my worst fear! I'm backing mine up right now! Very cute engagement pics though!

Tere Shake said...

super cute!

ConnieB said...

Ahh! Thanks for the reminder to back my pictures up! I would die!

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