Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Aaah I'm so excited to finally start a blog!  I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I'm going to enjoy making it :)  And I always love lots of NICE comments :)  I will be posting our story...from our first date til now.  I don't journal and I'm already forgetting some memories of us that I never want to forget!  So I hope you don't mind hearing about our past as much as our future :)
Speaking of us... here we are!

Try not to get sick of the wedding pictures.. I just love them so much and want to show them off :)

Eric and Courtney Brinkerhoff (that's us) were married May 03, 2008.  Best day ever!!  We are so happy and so in love!  We've had an exciting life together so far (which you'll learn about) and can't wait to see what's to come!
Want to learn a little about me?

I am a hairstylist and I love what I do!  Seriously...I get paid to hangout and gossip with my friends!  Don't forget we come out looking pretty in the end :)  If you would like your hair done let me know!  I love my husband soooo much!  I enjoy doing anything outdoors: swimming, wakeboarding, snowboarding, jet ski's and boating of course, hiking, etc.  I love to laugh, play, cuddle, and play with our friends and family! 
Want to learn alot about my hubby? :)

My man is an electrician!  The best one out there in my opinion.  He takes such pride in his work and is a perfectionist.  He gets it done right the first time.  That goes for everything.  He is Mr. Fix It!  It is amazing!  No matter what it is...a car, a toy, a washing machine, a tear in jeans, a bad day, a broken heart...anything!  He can fix it!  Jealous? :)  I'm so lucky!  He is obsessed with old hot rods and muscle cars.  He is currently rebuilding a 69 chevelle and we have many other plans for some very lucky cars :)  He enjoys working out, snowboarding, eating, and hangingout with our friends and family!  Eric served an LDS mission to Mexico City and he loved it!  He speaks fluent spanish (more fluent than some mexicans :) and it is so nice!  Have I mentioned this important fact yet?... he is sexy!! I love this man with my whole heart always and forever!

I have big plans through out this blog to print it into those nice pretty books and have "journals" with our stories and pictures for us, and our kids to look and read about!  So here goes nothin!... Enjoy our blog :)


Matt and Melissa said...

Cute Court!!! can't wait for your posts.

aftonbrooke said...

I'm actually thinking about getting my hair cut so If I can ever convince myself to do it I hope you can cut it for me!!

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

LOVE IT COURTNEY :) Happy you have joined us in the blog world :)

Brady and Lindsay Wood said...

Its about time! Hey now that you have joined the blogging world you will get to see a million pictures of Ryker.
You will need to post pictures of your new place.

tifsong said...

love this. welcome to the blogging.

Jillian said...

I am already in love with your blog!

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